TOGETHER by PLAN 8 SHOWROOMS Fall/Winter 2023 was more than 30 brands, 5 sales agencies in the same space. This season we asked Diane Pernet to share with us some of their favorite talents. TOGETHER FW23 special guests include British Icon Pam Hogg, new rising stars Tara Babylone from New York and Sia Arnika  from Berlin. We will host the 2023 selection of Korean Designer Program “The Selects”. TOGETHER is a salon, a trend observatory, a showroom, and a community all at once.  

Address: Courtyard, 131 bd de Sébastopol and/or 226 rue Saint Denis 75002 Paris
March 1-8 from 9am until 7pm
By appointment only

Consequences by Richard Torry.
A collaboration between TOGETHER & GOSWELL ROAD GALLERY.

TOGETHER is an experiential showroom space in Paris where buyers, press, and fashion industry key players come to discover, buy, and connect with brands that have generated a fresh and successful critique in the press.

Women’s FW23

1-8 March 2023
131, bd de Sébastopol and/or 226 rue Saint Denis 75002 Paris

TOGETHER is an experiential space where buyers, press, and fashion industry key players come to discover, buy, and connect with brands that have generated a fresh and successful critique in the press.We feel there is a need to create a new editorial setting that reflects the taste of Paris of the season. We want to create an observatory of trends and an efficient platform for brands to broadcast their message.The fashion business has undergone profound transformations. The current business model of showrooms and tradeshows cannot effectively fulfill their role anymore in the multiplicity of deals and hybrid sub- cultures that exist. Traditional sales showrooms struggle to work with representation based on territories and exclusivities due to disruptions from e-commerce, social media, and new business models.Social media has empowered the brands creating communities around them. They move freely. Each brand is a small universe of actors and players. Each one is extremely curated and totally connected to social culture. Adjacency is important.

TOGETHER is a platform that capitalizes on these adjacencies and entices agents to move as freely, drastically expanding the reach of a traditional marketplace.

TOGETHER is a project by Rafael Jiménez and PLAN 8.

TOGETHER is a trade show, a festival, a showroom, and a community at once. We ask tastemakers, industry players, and insiders to collaborate and define a clear, edited, and authentic point of view.


RAFAEL JIMENEZ: Founder,  is a creative consultant and entrepreneur working for fashion designers, institutions contemporary artists in marketing and communications. He has worked for anumber of fashion designers and international organizations including Plan 8 Showrooms, Comme des Garçons, John Galliano, University of Arts of London, London Fashion Week amongst others. Email:

FRANK SANCHEZ: He started in the industry working as sales director for Dirk Bikkenberg i n the 1990's. In the 00's, Frank co- founded Kris Van Asche and acted as sales director until 2012where he moved directed Ralph Lauren until 2019. Email:

LARISSA ALLAN: Early Plan 8 collaborator, Larissa has extesive experience in fashion wholesale with long-term relationships with international buyers in the luxury markets including designer, contemporary and resortwear. Formerly from Rainbow Wave Showroom, she is currently a consultant to StudioThirteen Showroom. Larissa is in charge of Resort section and buyers relations. E-mail: Larissaallanconsulting


DOUBLE MAGAZINE: First and foremost a fashion magazine but with the ambition of offering an original and transversal point of view on thespirit of our times. A contemporary view on what fashion compiles,absorbs, and determines in terms of images and trends. With anTOGETHER BY PLAN 8 FW23already established format: the portfolio, a double’s rendezvous withthe guest of honour, the artist-photographer; the ABC with texts byfamous journalists from the arts and cinema or other artisticbackgrounds; the fashion section created by internationally respectedphotographers and stylists. With original topics, a specialphotographic language and a singular layout and graphic research,double magazine has one of the most innovative vision in terms ofimages today.

NEWFOUNDATION: is a Federation of fashion tech start-ups thataims to be the leading WEB 3 reference in the creative economy.Since its inception in 2017, it has been featured on Dazed and PAPER.This blockchain protocol,, makes it easy for developersand creators to build economies with community-shared revenue. Theteam behind includes ex-Youtube, IBM, Apple, Farfetch members, andcreative director Hugo Hoppmann. Rafael Jiménez, founder ofTOGETHER and PLAN 8 has taken the role of Advisor at NEWFOUNDATION.